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The Subaru Brat is a one-of-a-kind model by Subaru that was made between 1971 and 1981. A relic of a vehicle that has become a collector's item for Subaru enthusiast, it went through several generations as a utility sedan, pre-crossover truck design that made it easy and fun to drive. Recognized as a small truck, the Brat was received well in Australia, America, and even New Zealand where it went by the name, "Brumby".

Brats are small trucks equipped with four-wheel drive. Some Brat editions has the reverse-facing jump seats that were located in the bed of the familiar "El-Camino" shaped Subaru. Light on the horsepower with a 94 horsepower turbocharged engine, and a 3-speed automatic transmission, it has plenty of pep for the city or suburban driver looking to run errands around town.

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If you're restoring a Subaru Brat or just replacing a few parts, you can find affordable prices inside our online Subaru store. From replacement spark plugs to new oil filters , you can keep your engine running strongly with our products. You can even pick out which exterior accessories or interior accessories that you want to add on for customization.

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More than likely, you love your Subaru Brat. Finding the right fitted parts may be difficult where you live so online is the go-to for all your Subaru parts and accessories. We guarantee a genuine car parts for our shoppers and with our low prices, you can't go wrong. Plus, with our nationwide shipping, you can get going on your DIY Subaru repair or replacements in no time. Get ahold of us on our contact page if you have any questions!

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